What are EPLS?

Earth 2® launched its Unique Property Identifier System in Sept 2021. The acronym EPL stands for Earth 2 Property Locator. 

Earth 2 EPLs work in the same way as Web 2.0 domain name URLs. They are property identifiers that are unique to each property. Each property on Earth 2 is assigned this identifier as a sequence of letters and numbers. Players have the opportunity to rename Tier 1 property EPLs to an easy to remember property locator name. For example, a default Earth 2 EPL would be 2c985d40-7b53-4f37-86f7-87b2412283ea but this can be renamed to “elitecity”.

To get to this property, you would simply type in e2.me/ followed by the EPL. So https://e2.me/elitecity would take you to that property and the user doesn’t have to search for it if they don’t know where it is on the map.

Per E2’s description:

The EPL functions similarly to a URL in that it’s a unique searchable address that allows users to locate a position or experience inside Earth 2®. Each EPL is connected to a specific property deed. Users will have the option to purchase an upgraded EPL with an easy-to-remember acronym, allowing for greater customisation and discoverability. Upgraded EPLs can be bought with E$ or player earned Essence. The parameters for upgraded EPL names will vary based on the size of each property and the class of tiles. EPLs offer players an instant connection to properties and experiences, and we envisage the popularity and desirability of EPLs to increase as our platform continues to expand.

What are Earth 2 EPLS used for? Why are they important in the Earth 2 metaverse?

EPLs will play a crucial role in navigating the E2V1 which is the 3D virtual world that is yet to be launched, enabling users to find properties easily through a unique ID and web address. This system is particularly beneficial for larger properties, as it allows them to register more premium teleportation names with shorter character counts. The introduction of a teleportation system, as announced by Earth 2.io, aims to leverage EPLs further, enhancing user experience by enabling instant travel to different properties within the platform

EPLs are important because they provide several benefits:

  1. Easy to remember property locator (e2.me/EPL)
  2. EPLs work like keywords, so if someone is interested in art, they may type in “fine arts”. If you have the EPL “finearts”, it may come up in a search and the player would naturally head over there and end up in your property. 
  3. Epls will be tradeable through a marketplace, so if someone may find your EPL suitable to their needs even if you eventually don’t, you will be able to trade them at a price you decide.
  4. EPLs are not permanent – you can rename them at any time if you get bored or find they aren’t bringing any traffic in.
  5. Specific EPLs may draw certain advertising companies or brands to place ads or rent out your property to promote their own products, services and offering. For example, if you have an interest in luxury clothing or gifts, an epl search may bring up EPLs such as “luxuryclothing”,  “luxuryapparel” or “luxurygifts”. The land owner would most likely have leased space out to these brands so that users can explore what they have to offer and buy physical items or services they there or virtual goods to gift to other player avatars.

In a giant 1:1 geolocational representation of the Earth, it will be difficult for players to find what they are looking for. Earth 2 may make it so that players will be able to search for EPLs while they are within the E2 3D environment E2V1, similar to a search engine online, and then easily travel to that location in-game. EPLs represent a significant innovation in virtual real estate, providing a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. By allowing users to navigate, own, and trade virtual land with ease, Earth 2.io is pioneering new ways of interacting with digital spaces, offering a glimpse into the future of online communities and virtual economies.

Earth 2 Epls - what are they in the metaverse project

What could be bad about EPLs?

The Earth 2 EPL you chose could be absolutely worthless. Maybe you made a typo or people never search for anything relating to your EPL. Then you’re stuck with an EPL that perhaps nobody will even want to take off your hands.

You can rename your EPLs, but you have to pay to do so.

Brands may not like Players registering their brands as EPLS. This could cause trademark issues and conflict.

Earth 2 EPLs will also incur renewal fees eventually, similar to domain name URL registrations. If you have a lot of EPLs, they could drain your pockets pretty fast if they aren’t worthwhile or beneficial in some way.

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