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Metagreen All Quest Walkthrough – The Sandbox Game – How to complete all 21 quests

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Metagreen's QuesT Guide - how to complete all 21 quests in the sandbox experience

The 1st green metropolis in the Sandbox has been created by Metagreen (Regal Hotels). Regal Hotels Group is one of the largest hotel chains in Hong Kong. The Web3 MetaGreen experience in the Sandbox Metaverse is filled with mini-games with a total of 21 Quests to complete. The international hotel chain’s sandbox experience aims to raise awareness about sustainability and create a diverse green ecosystem. 

The first phase of the virtual land experience includes beautifully crafted and modern looking eco-friendly facilities, including a green hotel, a shopping mall, an art park and an open space for performances. We ran though different green-themed games that were oriented around trying to arouse public awareness concerning living a green lifestyle.

From January 12 2023 to February 28 2023, verified KYC players can have the chance to play and earn SAND from the total 50,000 SAND reward pool upon completion of all quests at MetaGreen. Click here to play on the Sandbox now.

Check out the video below for a full walk-through of the sandbox experience.  Some parts were confusing but the community was more than helpful with providing tips and instructions via the sandbox chat feature. The whole experience was engaging and colorful, but LONG.

The international hotel chain’s Web3 experience includes several interactive landmarks such as the Regal Hotel, UOB Art Space, Hang Seng Bank’s Metaverse Branch, and retailers such as Citysuper, LOG-ON, and The Mills.

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