Elitecity nfts

The Elite Aristocrats NFT passes will grant access to token-gated land and exclusive experiences built for founder and/or high net worth social networking (E2 EPL access will include luxuryevents, elitecityentertainment, millionaires, millionairesclub, fortune100, fortune50, businessleaders, politicians, aristocrats, highiqsociety, millionairedating, datingservices, elitenfts and luxurynfts) locations in Earth2 and potentially to future experiences in The Sandbox, Decentraland and Oland for vibrant and exclusive social networking experiences. These passes will also allow VIP free entry into any areas that may require entry fees for any events organized or hosted by EliteCity in the future. 

The Elite Gods

Elitecity Gods

These are the Elite City God NFTs. They will grant access and membership to various future areas and experiences within the metaverse lands owned or operated by EliteCity. The Gods will also give you the power to set up a space in certain designated Elitecity areas in Earth 2.

The Gods are helpful guardians of EliteCity. 

Each God has a Charm, which is one of:

  • Hound
  • Dragon
  • Horse
  • AI
  • Liberator
  • Redeemer
  • Punisher
  • Defender
  • Temperance
  • Justice
  • Prudence
  • Fortitude
  • Crown
There are 6 ultra rare God NFTs out of the 10,000 that are each one of a kind collectibles.

If you were gifted the NFT, you’ll most likely have to check your ‘hidden’ section in Opensea to find them. (Profile ->More–>Hidden)

Mint has closed for all NFTS to keep the number of EliteCity NFTs available low. You can purchase on secondary.

Experience the power of the Elite Gods with our Elite NFTs! These will grant you access to certain tokengated areas in the Earth 2 metaverse, all owned by Elitecity. 

Owning an Elite God NFT will give you the ability to set up a space in any of our 350+ EPL locations on land owned by Elitecity in Earth 2 when E2V1 the 3D metaverse world launches. This is your chance to showcase your creations, offerings, and products to a thriving community of like-minded individuals.

Turning the NFTs into 3D avatars will be a unique way to build community in the metaverse.