The City Of Opulence

Who are the Elite? Superachievers or high status groups who exercise power or influence by virtue of their talent, position, athleticism, education, wealth or brilliant mind. Top Tier brains, earners or achievers in all walks of life!

"Elite is not a bad word, it's an aspirational one" - Aaron Sorkin

Where is EliteCity®?

EliteCity is located on metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, on premium land in The Sandbox, in, in Nifty Island, Victoria VR and Otherside. The ‘metaverse’ currently refers to virtual lands and environments, where user can meet, socialize and work in a 3D  interactive space. Some worlds may offer VR and AR experiences.


Welcome to EliteCity! Our vision is to bring people together with a mission of creating an environment of similar interests, opulence, and deep thinking. You don’t have to be considered ‘elite’ to join our experiences (we are very inclusive!), but the aim is is to create opulent  and inviting experiences and events in our 3D environments for all to enjoy! 

Forbes Legacy Pass

At EliteCity, we’re proud to highlight our ownership of the exclusive Forbes Web 3 Legacy Pass NFT. This prestigious digital asset not only symbolizes our commitment to innovation but also marks us as part of an elite circle in the Web 3.0 landscape. The Forbes Web 3 Legacy Pass grants us unparalleled access to a network of forward-thinking individuals and cutting-edge events, ensuring that our insights and opportunities are always top-tier.

Elite City collects metaverse lands from elite virtual projects and has established a presence within them.

Elite City was established in 2019 and now has over 60,000 tiles in Earth 2, and holds land and assets in top metaverse projects such as Decentraland, the Sandbox, Otherside, Wilder World , Nifty Island, Victoria VR and more.

The metaverse is not dead. It’s just getting started. 

Various virtual world metaverse projects can co-exist within a future where users can jump to different experiences across the blockchains. Since each virtual world project is so different from metaverse project to project, user preference and mood will drive where traffic flows. 

AR and VR will reshape the future and provide opportunities for use in gaming, healthcare, finance, education and so much more.

Metaverse Coordinates

EliteCity® was accepted out of over 110,000 applicants to mint from the first ever Forbes Legacy Pass NFT collection. 

Elite City began as a collector of metaverse lands, evolving into a creator of immersive experiences through the use of no-code tools. This journey from collector to creator showcases the democratizing power of Web3. Creating games and experiences from scratch without coding experience in metaverse projects such as The SandBox, Nifty Island and Decentraland, among others, and has deepened our understanding of digital real estate’s transformative potential. Web3 is exciting for its potential for innovation and community building, allowing even individuals  and small startups without technical backgrounds to create and influence, emphasizing Web3’s empowerment and accessibility.

With this Forbes Legacy Pass NFT, we are uniquely positioned to bring you the latest insights, trends, and opportunities in the world of Web 3.0. As a Forbes Legacy Pass holder, Elite City brings a valuable perspective as an avid gamer and enthusiastic participant in multiple elite virtual land projects. Join us on our journey as we navigate the future of digital ownership and innovation. We livestream our gaming on X, Youtube and Twitch.

LOCATION - Decentraland

EliteCity’s Decentraland plot is located in Dragoncity at Position 88,-110. Dragon City is the largest neighborhood of virtual space and one of the biggest developments in Decentraland, deeply rooted in Chinese mythology while blending Western elements into its construction plan. The plot is therefore situated in the perfect area for a community gathering, or to browse through some of our NFT collections, while also getting to explore neighboring lands owned by other players.

The entire experience can be customized and white labelled to suit your needs, with land rentals available for short or long term commitments. You can easily host a virtual event or gathering to promote your business, services or products, complete with external links and internal images or NFTs.

Two Meta Residence Towers (MRT) penthouse suites are also available but not for rent – these will be used for token gated events and experiences.

California Dreamin’ – Launched on November 24th, this California-themed creative neighborhood hosts LANDs from brands with a sunny west coast feel to offer LAND owners a beachfront vibe in the metaverse. California Dreamin’ is also home to Playboy, Snoop Dog and The Marathon City. We are located next to Playboy at -22, -51.  We are also located at -47,155 near Hells Kitchen

Nifty Island

Free virtual land, free gaming, free play-to-earn $island airdrop, great NFT communities coming together and a visionary founder. Nothing more to be said! Jump in at:

Growth Codes for Airdrop Eligibility (FCFS) (enter the code in the relevant field on “Airdrop” menu from the website page):

  • nun5lV
  • PU3pLW
  • pwI59M
  • TkgscU

You can bring your favorite NFTs to life as VRM files, and play around in Nifty Island shooting in deathmatch games, speed runs, target practice and much more. Each mini-game allows you to win Blooms as rewards. Daily challenges also provide daily Bloom rewards when completed by the player.

It isn’t just gaming that has entered web3 – music in web3 has provided new avenues for artists and musicians to showcase their talent:

Wilder World

Wilder World is a photorealistic metaverse project. Wiami is the first city within Wilder World, a cutting-edge, immersive metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO. Wiami in Wilder World is inspired by Miami, but it is not an exact 1-to-1 replica. Instead, Wiami uses lidar data to create a geographically accurate representation that blends elements of Miami with futuristic and Cyberpunk aesthetics. This results in a unique virtual environment that maintains the essence of Miami while introducing new, imaginative elements that enhance the immersive experience

Wiami serves as a central hub where players can explore, engage in various activities, and interact with other users in a decentralized and community-driven virtual world. The city is designed to support various gameplay modes including racing, exploration, combat, and strategic management, with continuous development introducing new features and experiences.

WW has partnered with top tier companies such as NVIDIA, and Samsung, and has Animoca Brands as an investor. The founders of Wilder World include Frank Wilder, Hypno Wilder, Andy Lee, Dave Waslen Jr., David Waslen Sr., and Phoenix Wilder. This team brings together a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, making Wilder World a unique and innovative project in the metaverse space​.

Avatar and Land Claim: 3 Genesis asset in the same wallet from the following WW NFT collections will make you eligible to claim an Avatar.

– Wilder Wheels
– Wilder Crafts
– Wilder Cribs
– Air Wild Season 0
– Wilder Beast: Wolf
– Wilder Moto

The assets must be from different industries to quality.

Otherside - Yuga Labs

There are a total of 100,000 Otherdeeds. Every Otherdeed is a dynamic NFT, built as a collection of its elements and represents a Plot of land that will be available in the Otherside virtual world in the metaverse. Some Otherdeeds have treasures, resources, artifacts and Kodas. There are 10,000 Kodas scattered throughout. The Otherdeed is designed to evolve along with what the owner does in the game. 

Otherside will support interoperability giving Voyagers a chance to bring their own outside collections and NFTs to life within Otherside. Each major Stage of the Voyager’s Journey is marked on the Obelisk page and will be explained in more detail here. Otherside will utilize Improbable’s M² technology to allow thousands of Voyagers to gather in the same space at the same time in its metaverse world. 


In the vast digital universe of Earth 2, Elite City aims to stand out as a beacon of grandeur, with tens of thousands of continuous tiles sprawling through mountains and a volcano in E2. This city is about creating magnificence and opulence over every square inch, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The intention is to craft a city where social and business networking will thrive amongst like minded individuals and entrepreneurs wishing to connect for fun, entrepreneurship or business purposes.

Creator of the EliteCity Megacity Project: The creative force behind Elite City is Mars Bar, a gaming enthusiast who dared to dream of a place where beauty, ambition, and innovation converge. Find portals to interesting games through the epl “gamingportals“.

Elite City is designed for those who aspire to greatness and seek to network with others in both business and social settings. With various epls targeting luxury markets, such as “businessnetworking“, “seedfunding“, “businessmen“, “businesswomen“, “tradeshows“, “luxurynfts“, “eliteclubs“, “luxuryvehicles“, “luxuryclothing“, “virtualpets“, “millionaires“, “politicalelites“, “executives“, “luxurygifts“, “megastars“, “artcommission” and more

Whether you’re looking to forge valuable connections, invest in unparalleled digital assets, meet elite talent, artists, business people, entrepreneurs, creators, builders and gamers, or simply bask in the ambiance of elegance, Elite City welcomes you to a world where great minds and talent meet for leisure or business networking opportunites.

ELITE CITY - A City of Opulence

Event Centers, Luxury Goods, Housing, Entertainment and Tournaments

Our EPL collection will draw in luxury oriented and other traffic. EPLs act as keywords that show up in-world in searches and are easy to remember property url links that start with "" (ie.