The City Of Opulence

Who are the Elite? Superachievers or high status groups who exercise power or influence by virtue of their position, education, wealth or brilliant mind. Top Tier brains, earners and achievers in all walks of life!

"Elite is not a bad word, it's an aspirational one" - Aaron Sorkin

Where is EliteCity?

EliteCity is located on metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, on premium land in The Sandbox and in The ‘metaverse’ currently refers to virtual lands and environments, where user can meet, socialize and work in a 3D  interactive space. Some worlds may offer VR and AR experiences.


Welcome to EliteCity! Our vision is to bring people together with a mission of creating an environment of similar interests, opulence, and deep thinking. You don’t have to be considered ‘elite’ to join (we are very inclusive!), but the aim is is to create opulent  and inviting experiences and events in our 3D environments for all to enjoy! 


Elite City was established in 2019 and now has over 40,000 tiles in Earth 2.

In Earth we have secured a variety of EPLs to draw in visitors searching for particular themes & keywords, including luxurynfts, tradeshows, bookstores, millionaires, seedfunding, luxuryvehicles5starhotels, privateschools, engagementrings + 350 more EPLS.

If you are a brand or professional who wishes to enter the metaverse space and advertise products, services and offerings (including nfts) to visitors on virtual lands, contact us. 

We can put up your advertisements or NFTs as billboards, images or artwork sprinkled throughout our virtual lands and promote links to your profiles. 

LOCATION - Decentraland

EliteCity’s Decentraland plot is located in Dragoncity at Position 88,-110. Dragon City is the largest plot of virtual space and one of the biggest developments in Decentraland, deeply rooted in Chinese mythology while blending Western elements into its construction plan. The plot is the perfect space for a community gathering, or to browse through some of our NFT collections.

The entire experience can be customized and white labelled to suit your needs, with land rentals available for short or long term commitments. You can easily host a virtual event or gathering to promote your business, services or products, complete with external links and internal images or NFTs.

California Dreamin’ – Launched on November 24th, this California-themed creative neighborhood hosts LANDs from brands with a sunny west coast feel to offer LAND owners a beachfront vibe in the metaverse. California Dreamin’ is also home to Playboy, Snoop Dog and The Marathon City. We are located next to Playboy at -22, -51.  We are also locatedat -47,155 near Hells Kitchen

Publishing is currently limited to a select few on the Sandbox (mostly big brand experiences), but you can visit us by downloading the GameMaker and searching for EliteCity Experience to explore and play.

EliteCity’s megacity is located in virtual Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, at the top of the island, near a volcano! Beautiful ocean waters and green rolling hills! There are also several satellite locations, embassies and tiles spread across the globe, such as in the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, India, Malta & more, including an entire private island in the Bahamas! 

Our greatest presence is in Earth2 with over 40,000 tiles currently held by EliteCity, with thousands of tiles in popular foot-traffic spots in the United States and Canada. To get an idea of the size of one tile, click here. E2’s virtual E2V1 3D experience is set to launch its alpha sometime in 2023. Earth 2 is set in a less cartoon-like environment, and is unique in its 1:1 digital representation of our planet earth – which means a location in Earth will be reflected in Earth 2 geo-locationally.

A City of Opulence

Event Centers, Luxury Goods, Housing, Entertainment and Tournaments

EARTH2 EPLs currently in EliteCity'S MEGACITY

Our EPL collection will draw in luxury oriented traffic