Megacities in Earth, A Metaverse Project – What Are Virtual Megacities?

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Wait, what’s Earth2? launched around December 2020 and has grown exponentially since its inception. The company, Earth2 (or “E2”) has created a 1:1 digital representation of our own real world earth (affectionately referred to by Earth2 Players as E1), and is run by a visionary, Shane Isaac. Shane has persevered in the face of relentless criticism, as Earth 2 struggled initially with typical growing pains encountered by any startup. In this vicious online landscape where it is too easy to fling vulgarities, threats and non-constructive criticism behind anonymous screens and as YouTube content creators seeking viewing hits, the company has tried to calm and reassure its Players time and time again with one-to-one discussions on their official discord and by forging meaningful partnerships with well-known companies such as MasterCard (for providing virtual credit cards for easier withdrawals), Mapbox (an American provider of online maps), and R/GA (a global digital agency and innovation consultancy). The company aims to launch a 3D digital world in Q3 of 2022, with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) components to be launched eventually in a few years. Till then, Players enjoy buying and selling ’tiles’ on an Earth2 map, collecting Essence, Jewels and real US dollar sale profits. Player talent really shines when you see what has been built in terms of beautiful ‘holobuildings’ that collect future digital resources to be used for building purposes. EPLs are similar to web urls, and are an easier way for Players to reach and search for locations in E2, by providing shorter, easier to remember urls beginning with (for example,

What’s an Earth 2 Megacity?

Earth 2 Megacities are chunks of land that span thousands of tiles, which are organized and committed to maintaining a particular theme. There are nautical Earth 2 megacities that buy tiles on water, tile art E2 megacities that display amazing pixelated-styled art by purchasing tiles in artistic placements, holobuilding E2 megacities that have gigantic and fantastic 3D holobuilding art as a central feature, and the list goes on. Earth 2’s Elitecity Megacity focuses on a common theme of elitism and opulence – a place for individuals with top tier brains, status, education, and businesses to gather.

Landowner Players within the individual megacities are termed Citizens, and are able to build on their land, lease it or allow PVP warfare (where players can battle each other for control of territories) to visiting Players. Citizens can also provide goods and services to the Megacity and its visitors, with Tier 1 Land also allowing E1 businesses to advertise to E2 Players in the Earth 2 metaverse.

Earth 2 Players have spawned sprawling virtual megacities globally across Earth 2. Each megacity has its own unique vision and mission, with citizens promising to abide by local rules and regulations set by the Earth 2 Megacity owners or governing body.

It is important to ensure that Earth 2 Megacity owners are intent on staying within the community long-term, rather than being fly-by-night with grand promises, only to promptly sell all their original land at a profit while leaving lured citizens in the dust. Notorious names are E2THEBOSS who created E2THEBOSS MEGACITY in Liberia and THEJOKER who created Cryptopolis Megacity, touted as the capital of E2. Fortunately for the citizens of these Earth 2 Megacities, these two abandoned megacities were subsequently picked up by other major Players of Earth 2 who were committed to E2’s vision and goals.

The concept of virtual real estate is here, and virtual land has been known to sell for millions of dollars in other earlier metaverse projects such as Decentraland. Earth 2’s unique focus on a 1:1 duplicate of our real earth in terms of landscaping, mines and resources gives it a truly innovative take on virtual real estates, metaverse projects and even blockchain – as Earth2 plans to roll out its own crypto currency in the near future.

Some prominent Megacities Active in 2022:

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