Earth 2 Jewel Crafting Guide – How to craft E2 Tier 2 T2 and Prime Jewels Recipes

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What are Earth 2 Jewels and how do I get them?

Jewels provide boosts to your resource production on your virtual lands on Earth 2 Metaverse. Depending on the type and tier, they can provide a boost in gold, oil, wood, iron, limestone, coal or freshwater yield and can also contribute to your ether detection.

Jewels are randomly dropped into your resources stockpile if you hold higher Tier 1 (T1) properties. If your properties are not yielding enough jewels, you also have the option of purchasing them off the Earth 2 Bazaar.

How many tiers of jewels are there?

As of May 2022, there are three tiers of jewels.

  • Lower tier (Tier 1) jewels are spawned frequently from your Earth 2 properties.
  • Tier 2 Prime Jewels are crafted by combining three Tier 1 jewels together.
  • Two Tier 2 jewels can then be combined to create a Hybrid Tier 3 jewel that produces a boost for a combination of resources

Tier 1 Jewels

Tier 1 Jewels are basic and provide a simple % boost of the underlying resource, if any, when slotted into a property. For example, 2.54% boost for freshwater when slotting a blue jewel onto a property. There are 8 basic jewel colors with a corresponding resource:

  • Green Jewel = Wood
  • Blue Jewel = Freshwater
  • Grey Jewel = Limestone
  • Ocher Jewel = Iron
  • Black Jewel = Oil
  • Yellow Jewel = Precious Metals
  • Sandy Jewel = Sand
  • Anthracite = Coal

Earth 2 Tier 1 Jewels

Tier 2 PRIME Jewels

Tier 2 Prime Jewels are crafted from Tier 1 Jewels, and provide a higher % boost of the underlying resource, if any, when slotted into a property. For example, if you upgrade your Tier 2 Jewel with shards to a Luminous Blue, you obtain a higher percentage (ie. 6.35%) boost for freshwater when slotting a blue prime jewel onto a property. Two Tier 2 (“T2”) jewels can be further combined to create additional types of  hybrid jewels, as shown in the table below.

Earth 2 Tier 2 Prime Jewels

The following T2 Hybrid Jewels increase the production of the named resources by 2%, if those resources are available on that particular land they have been slot into. 

Crafting Combination


  • Purple Prime 2 Jewel = T2 Blue + T2 Ocher
  • Orange Prime 2 Jewel = T2 Sandy + T2 Grey
  • Sunrise Prime 2 Jewel = T2 Blue + T2 Grey + T2 Ocher
  • Sunset Prime 2 Jewel = T2 Purple + T2 Orange + T2 Sandy
  • Jamaica Prime 2 Jewel = T2 Green + T2 Black + T2 Yellow

  • Purple Prime 2 Jewel = Reduces Research Time by 0.75%
  • Orange Prime 2 Jewel = Reduces Build Time by 0.75%
  • Sunrise Prime 2 Jewel = Freshwater & Iron +2% ether*
  • Sunset Prime 2 Jewel = Sand & Limestone +2% ether*
  • Jamaica Prime 2 Jewel = Oil & Wood +2% ether*

*2% = additional 2 percent ether detection that evaporates from your property. Ether does not have a 1 to 1 conversion to Essence, and is highly unpredictable in terms of conversion rates.


These Hybrid Jewels also  increase the ether detection rate of ether than has been detected on your property by a particular percentage (ie. 3%). This means you would get 3% more of your ether detected than if you did not slot a hybrid jewel on to a particular property. Keep in mind that ether conversions to essence currently seem to be random on any given day – however, it appears to be generally around a 6% conversion rate presently. Some jewels simply boost the amount of ether that is detected by a particular percentage (ie. 3% more ether detected – you do not get a 3% extra essence, and you do not get 3 extra ether, rather, you get a 3% additional detection rate of ether, which then is converted to essence at a currently unpredictable conversion rate). Once a certain rate is reached in the EcoSim, the yield of Essence will be increased as well. Source: draft whitepaper:  

"Depending on the size, tier, and tile class of a property, the Mentar will have between 1 and 15 slots that can be slotted with Jewels. Jewels have a number of effects on the EcoSim of a property, and the effectiveness is dependent on their color, tier and quality attributes. These include:
• Increasing the effectiveness of producing a certain Raw Material;
• Accelerating production of certain Building Blocks;
• Increasing the chance of E-ther detection rate;
• Increasing the yield of Essence when reaching certain stages in the EcoSim;and
• Reducing research and/or construction times and costs."

Tier 3 Pure Jewels

A Tier 3 jewel is created by combining three Tier 2 Primes.

For example, 1 T2 Sandy + 1 T2 Sandy + 1 T2 Sandy = 1 Tier 3 Sandy.

These Tier 3 jewels provide an increased boost rate for production of resources, if any are detected on your land that the jewel is slotted on.

Slotting Tier 3 Hyrid Jewels into Properties - Earth 2 Land

Tier 3 Hybrid Jewels

A Tier 3 Hybrid Jewel is created by combining two or more Tier 3 Pure Jewels (T3). They produce a percentage boost for 2 resources, if those resources are present on your property, plus an additional percentage ether detection from your lands, if ether is detected on your land.

For example, 1 T3 Sandy + 1 T3 Green = 1 T3 Hybrid Opal Jewel. Opal jewels produce a daily percentage (%) boost for both Sand and Wood when slotted into a property that contains these resources. Additionally, the ether detection rate is increased by 3%.

There are 28 additional Tier 3 Hybrid Jewels that can be crafted using Tier 3 jewels. Jewel Recipes for these Hybrids can be found HERE.

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