Earth 2 Tungsten E2 Resource Information

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Earth 2 Resource Information

Uses: Tungsten is vital for

      • vital for high-stress, high-temperature applications
      • military and industrial applications that involve high-temperature processes such as metalworking or glass-making
      • parts of furnaces or other equipment that must withstand intense heat


    Amber Jewel required for priming



    Related Building Blocks:

        • Tungsten Ingots
        • Tungsten Thermal Wire
        • Plasmatic Amplifier Converter
        • Transcendent Thermoelectric Heat Transformer


      Mentar can detect and gather limited OUs without assistance

      Cydroid can detect and gather normal OUs (Higher rate than with the mentar alone)


      How to create the amber jewel:

      T3 Yellow + T3 Ochre


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