Earth 2 What type of properties should i get? Opinion Poll!

What do Earth 2 community members feel is most important to them when choosing Earth 2 properties?

We decided to have a bit of fun on Twitter and see what the crowd thinks is the most crucial thing to look at when snagging virtual property tiles. We threw out some options like location, size, quality (think fancy tiers and prime spots), and even the shape of the plots. Well, the votes are in, and “Quality” took the top spot. It seems like everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck, focusing on those high-tier properties and desirable locations. It’s pretty clear that when it comes to building their virtual empire, the Earth 2 community is all about snagging the crème de la crème.

Here are the most crucial factors that we think are important to consider when acquiring property tiles:

  • Location of the Property Tiles: The virtual world of Earth2 mirrors our real world, meaning locations that are popular in reality tend to have higher foot traffic and visibility within the game. Choosing a tile in a sought-after area can significantly impact its demand and value.

  • Size and Ether Generation: The size of your property is directly linked to its ability to produce Ether, the in-game currency. Opting for larger plots not only increases your Ether generation but also enhances your investment and expansion capabilities within Earth2.

  • Quality (Property Tier and Location):

    • Property Tier: High-tier properties are more likely to generate Essence, a crucial resource for in-game advancements. Such properties are inherently more valuable and sought after.
    • Location’s Strategic Importance: The strategic significance of a location, including potential foot traffic and proximity to landmarks, adds to a property’s allure.
  • Shape for Development Ease: The geometry of your plot matters, with rectangular shapes generally preferred for ease of building and efficient space utilization. Rectangular properties are easier to manage and develop, potentially making them more attractive to both builders and buyers.

By focusing on these key aspects, players can make informed decisions that optimize their virtual real estate’s value and productivity in, paving the way for a prosperous virtual empire.

Note: An important consideration is also whether it makes more sense to buy tiles off the marketplace or whether to buy fresh new tiles off the map. Sometimes you can find great discounts and pricing in the marketplace, so check there as well! You can also try to buy landmarks that are up for sale, if you really want a particular location. If you’d prefer to pick and choose your own size and location, then buying off the map works just as well. However, you can no longer buy T1 tiles off the map, they are strictly available from the marketplace, or by upgrading your existing T2 and T3 tiles.

So… we’ve determined that figuring out what kind of properties to acquire Earth 2 tiles is an important consideration. 

Your choice can impact a variety of things – ether production (which directly affects Essence yield), jewel generation, Augmented Reality options, ad revenue, building options, etc.

Here’s what the Earth 2 community thinks about property choices and preferences.

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