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Earth 2 Player Types

Anyone with an account in Earth 2 is known as a Player, per the draft whitepaper published by on Feb 2022. The company expects there to initially be 5 categories of Players as follows (tap toggle arrow for more information to show):

The Base Player will mainly be consumers looking for fun experiences, socialization, competition and rewards, play-to-earn opportunities and more. They are able to do the following:

  • Create a free account and avatar
  • Customize and accessorize their Avatar
  • Travel and explore Earth 2 either on foot or using transportation
  • Access storage depending on their transportation
  • Store Essence and $E
  • Access their balance history records
  • Carry devices for gameplay and exploration
  • Access the Marketplace, Bazaar and Bidding Hub
  • Play to Earn

Landowners are Players who own property tiles on Earth 2. They will be able to do the following:

  • Have additional voting power
  • Place and display buildings, roads and holobuildings
  • Detect Ether which can transform into Essence
  • Process, produce and collect Essence
  • Detect resources on their land and produce them
  • Spawn jewels
  • Advertise, depending on their property tile tier level
  • Trade goods with other Players
  • Have Storage capabilities
  • Purchase EPLs on Tier 1 properties
  • Customize, modify and lease their land
  • Hire Players to manage their properties or to defend their properties from attacks in PvP mode
  • Play to Earn

Ecosim Players specialize in various forms of the Economic system. They can be hired by Landowners through binding and customizable contracts that split yield from properties the EcoSim Player runs. They will specialize in the following tasks:

  • Produce, Manage, Trade and Transport Resources
  • Manage Inventory and Property
  • Harvest, Craft and Slot Jewels
  • Ether to Essence Production
  • Resource Exploration
  • Build automated Defense Systems for Property
  • Play to Earn

Gamers will specialize in real time traditional video games that will exist as PvP options inside of the Earth 2 Metaverse. The first PvP game anticipated to go live on Earth 2 is DRONE the Game. Gamers can:

  • Create and customize Drones within the game
  • Fly Drones to attack or defend properties inside a Battle Arena
  • Create and Manage Guilds
  • Harvest, Steal, Pillage and control territory/properties
  • Master Jewel slotting on vehicles
  • Determine Vehicle Classes and Objectives
  • Earn Red Co-op Energy/Currency by working as a Gamer
  • Play to Earn

Creator Players will specialize in creativity and have the ability to produce interesting and unique things within Earth 2. They can create and earn from the following:

  • Megacities
  • Holobuildings
  • Customized EcoSim buildings, Residential and Commercial buildings
  • Customize Emotes
  • Mint creations
  • Create Battle Arenas
  • Create video and photo content via Earth 2’s Social Media network
  • Create Advertisements and logos
  • Customize Portals
  • External NFT collections
  • Earn Yellow Co-Op Energy each time they sell one of their content creations
  • Play to Earn
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