List of Official Earth 2 Megacities

Here is our updated list of Earth2 megacities on for 2023. Please note that this list is of Earth2 Megacities compiled by Earth2 community managers and listed as official Earth 2 megacities in the discord – it is current as of January 21, 2023. 2 new megacities have been added since 2022’s list.

For a comprehensive list of all megacities, both official and unofficial, active and inactive, you may want to take a look at this video by OneTileNation, compiled in Jan 21, 2023. It is robust and provides a great history of Megacity turnover. 

Megacity Name Official Website Discord
Knights of Malta
Foodies City
Shoon City
AJIN Megacity
Earth2 Happener
Oasis Megacity
Star City
Zigurat City
Alchera Global Venture
Synth City
Built Verse
80s City .
E2 MegaMart
Minde Islands
Team MEGA: Earth 2 Megacity
The Towers
E2 Land
Milne Bay Commune
Ether City
Dorkslayer Metaverse
Expo City
Madara City
E2 Valhalla
State 1
Eye of the Sahara
Hope City .
Essence Island
DRONE Megacity
Mania City
Yisunsin City*
Obsidian City*

*These megacities are new in 2023. 

This list is current as of January 21, 2023. If you seeing a missing megacity, please drop us a message to let us know!

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