The Megacities in Earth 2 are land tiles that span  across thousands of tiles within a particular location in Earth2. These megacities are often organized to fit a particular theme, such as holobuildings, art, sports, racing, etc. Earth 2’s Elite City Megacity focuses on a common theme of luxury and opulence. It also has partnerships brewing relating to food, gaming tournaments, and more. 

Players can also provide goods and services to their Megacity and its visitors, by setting up properties nearby or building on existing plots.

There are sprawling virtual megacities located globally across Earth 2 with their own unique vision. Many megacities and guilds are planning alliances, partnerships and other cooperative types of ties in preparation for E2V1 which is hoped to go live by early 2023. E2V1 will be the first launch of the 3D virtual environment by Earth2, and visitors will be able to view and interact with megacity properties more concretely. Once avatars and E2V1 goes live, Players will be able to visit individual Earth2 megacity locations to see what each has to offer in terms of entertainment, aesthetics and atmosphere.

Here is a list of earth2 megacities on This list is of Earth2 Megacities is what was compiled by Earth2 community managers and listed as official Earth 2 megacities – it is current as of August, 2022.


Knights of Malta

Foodies City

AJIN Megacity

Earth2 Happener

Oasis Megacity

Star City (!) :DISCORD:


Zigurat City



Alchera Global Venture

Synth City

Built Verse


k80s City

E2 MegaMart


Minde Islands

Team MEGA: Earth 2 Megacity

The Towers

E2 Land


Milne Bay Commune

Ether City




Dorkslayer Metaverse


Expo City

Madara City

E2 Valhalla

State 1

Eye of the Sahara

Shoon City

Hope City link invalid

Essence Island

DRONE Megacity

Mania City

For an updated list, see here: 2023 List of Earth 2 Megacities on

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